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70 years, 4 generations, infinite passion


For some of our artisans, their pride in Lepage goes back more than 40 years. Woodworking has always been our passion, and we will continue with our tradition of continuous innovation and unmatched quality to satisfy the ever-changing market needs of tomorrow.







Because of their design, casements are some of the best performing products in the industry today. The sash opens to the outside, so wind pressure only enhances the air tightness of the window. Best of all, they complement any architectural style and can be customized in endless ways for your own distinctive look.















With virtually unlimited design capabilities

we can help you create the look and feel

your project requires. We offer a wide 

variety of standard products that

you can customize to suit your individual

needs or we can work together to

achieve your own unique shape, size or

designed window and door. We have

numerous custom species of wood to

choose from along with our standard

offering of mahogany, Doug Fir and

Eastern White Pine. Primed, painted,

and stained finishes are offered for both

the interior and exterior of our products

along with extruded aluminum exterior

cladding for those looking for a more

maintenance free aspect. A large

selection of hardware, glass and divided

light patterns help finalize the perfect blend 

of form and function.


















The XL hung is an authentic window with no visible 

balance system and an all wood jamb and sash that 

is reminiscent of windows from centuries past. This 

window “Lite Lift” balance and modern day weather 

strip make its operation and performance anything 

but “old school”. Even large windows operate with 

relative ease. For the person with discriminating taste, 

looking for something a little more refined, this 

window is the perfect fit.














Since 1964, our professionals have offered meticulously designed products as well as a customer service based on the highest respect for our clientele. The expertise and experience of our technical and production staff mean that our products stand out from the competition by their refinement, their air and water tightness, their energetic and structural efficiency thus adding a sure value to your home.









Since 1964, Martin has been refining both its designs and expertise, never compromising the durability and sturdiness of its products and the precision of their assembly process.

Applied in factory, our stain and exterior aluminium extrusion coats add a unique aesthetic touch to our new collection of wooden doors and windows.








Highest Quality Stone Veneer Products, Impeccable Service & Canadian Owned

StoneRox came to market based on requests and encouragement from our builder clients,who are consistently looking for innovative products and unique looks”, said Mike Grace, President and owner of StoneRox. “We have researched the facing stone market and believe that with the improvements we have made, we will meet the needs of the Canadian Market by offering a facing stone made here for our climate.


The StoneRox Advantage

1.      Canadian Made In Ontario which reduces transportation emissions and benefits our environment

2.      Versatile and functional for both renovations and for new construction

3.      Fire resistant

4.      For renovations and/or re-facing projects

5.      Can be applied over any sound surface

6.      Lightweight and Installer friendly

7.      Virtually maintenance free and will look great for years to come

8.      Can be installed in assorted patterns

9.      Has the appearance of a non-coursed stone

10.  Styles and colours can be combined to create an authentic appearance

11.  Distinct styles are produced in various shapes, sizes and textures and can be mixed

12.  Available in a full array of blended natural colours native to Eastern Canada

13.  Manufactured to CSA Standards to meet the needs of the Canadian Market



Electrical Outlets






Haliburton Timber Mart wins Rotary Parade float for it's 5th time!

August 3rd, 2016


We are excited to announce that Haliburton Timber Mart won the Rotary Parade Commercial float for it's 5th time! This year's theme was 'Celebrate the Past, Embrace the Future'. It was a theme that left us thinking how we can make it fun and engaging. We made a big tree with pictures of Haliburton's past. The tree represented our roots in this beautiful county. Nothing says future to us more than children. We had 6 children on the float holding signs of what they want to be when they grow up. We had a future lawyer, dancer, veterinarian, dancer, nurse and you tube super star. 


To decorate the float we made approximately 60 paper flowers to represent growth. We are very proud to have been part of the parade again. Next year we will be challenging other local businesses to join in on the fun!










Haliburton Tim-Br Mart wins Rotary Parade float 3rd year in a row!! August 7th, 2013



We are happy to announce that for the THIRD year in a row we have won first place in the commercial float category of the Rotary parade. This year's theme was 'Celebrate Local' and it was lots of fun creating local landmarks. From basic supplies such as cardboard boxes, staff created Haliburton's very own plane, train, shoe (from the sculpture forest), buildings and Haliburton Timber Mart's own store! The idea came from our local cartoon maps show casing local attractions. We also show cased Haliburton's wonderful health care, hockey, tourism and the sign that welcome's visitors to our beautiful town. Looking forward to next year's theme!


August 7, 2013




Haliburton Tim-Br Mart sponsors the 'Smile for Juvenile Diabetes Research' project. 


Haliburton Tim-Br Mart was a sponsor for the 'Smile for Juvenile Diabetes Research' project on Saturday June 16th, 2012. Almost $500 was raised to help fund Diabetes Research and more money is to be raised by this fun project. Willing participants grabed some silly props and smiled for the camera and walked away with a great polaroid picture.






Haliburton Tim-Br Mart WINS the Haliburton Echo's Food Sculpture Contest 2011


Haliburton Tim-Br Mart and it's staff donated an amazing amount of non-perishable food that was then used in the contruction of Santa's little helper - Pete the Penguin. All the food was then donated to the Haliburton County Food Bank. He was alot of fun to create! 


December 2011




Haliburton Tim-Br Mart wins first place in the Rotary Carnival Parade!


We are pleased to announce that Haliburton Tim-Br Mart won first place in this year's Rotary Carnival Parade. The theme this year was 'Come One, Come All!' and staff had a lot of fun putting together a vintage circus theme. There were wild animals, clowns in a mini-car, a human canon ball, a strong man, a trapeze artist, large popcorn containers and even a ferris wheel!


August 2011

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